Founder: Rosalinda Diaz

Frustrated with the jewelry industry, I turned a personal passion for jewelry into a business.  

Prior to launching Miel Oro, I was searching for the perfect everyday necklace. That meant a piece that was made with quality solid gold materials, styles that can transition seamlessly, and most importantly that wouldn’t break the bank.  

Given my very busy lifestyle, these elements were important because I wanted to  make sure this was the necklace I could sleep in, exercise and LIVE in.  I wanted to be able to wake up and feel put together. 

As I continue to work on Miel Oro, I hope to provide jewelry that is made of quality materials and styles that are meant to last a lifetime.  Pieces that can remain in your family for generations. 

It’s equally important to me to build a brand that is highly inclusive and is a voice for minorities in the industry.  

Our Mission

Our promise is to provide effortless elegance for the Modern Woman. We bring forth jewelry that is versatile and reliable. Thinking about how you accessorize everyday is one less thing on your to-do list