Easy Tips for Creating a Neck Stack. The Ultimate Layered Look. 

We absolutely love layering necklaces, why wear one necklace when you can create a layered look?

We know it can be tricky to decide how to go about creating a perfect neck stack so we put together a list of three easy tips. 

Necklace Layering Tips:

1. Choose various necklace lengths.  A good starting point is 16", 18" and 20" inch necklaces.  For example, our Everyday Paperclip Necklace is a great necklace that measures 18" inches and is adjustable to a smaller size.  

2. Add different textures.  This is key to help with keeping your necklaces from tangling up.  It's important to vary the textures of your necklace, we love adding a flat necklace such as the Bella Herringbone Necklace

3. Add a pendant necklace.  The weight of the pendant can help add weight to a chain and help keep the necklace pulled down.  We always add the Moneda Pendant Necklace to our neck stack! 

We hope these tips are helpful, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!